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I first met Jane Saunders in 1998 after I resigned my position as CEO of a small public company to become a full time trader of derivatives and stocks. I had a number of computers and knew precisely the information that I required but lacked the computer expertise and knowledge necessary to obtain it. It was at this stage that I opened the Yellow Pages and for whatever reason I was fortunate enough to select and contact Jane from Home Computer Tuition (HCT). The data that I require is both historic and live real time data and the software for the many programmes that Jane installed is complex, temperamental and needs regular ongoing maintenance often on weekly basis. It was during this period of maintenance that Jane imparted what was a small part of her knowledge and expertise over to me ... for me the increase in my own knowledge was huge. The quality of Jane's work and teaching was of the highest professional standards. Later as the demand for Jane's services grew she commenced to employ others. I did not welcome this decision but my fears were totally ill founded as the quality and expertise of the people that HCT employed and with whom I have since regularly consulted is first rate. Thanks to the consulting over many years I now largely do my own maintenance and only require assistance when I have major problems but still occasionally avail myself of phone consultations for smaller matters. I now have computers that talk to each other and automatically back each other up ... the contrast to what I started with and the smooth running system that I now possess is indescribable. It is fair to say that the quality of Jane and HCT's services in my case is that they have all but lost a client because of the expertise that have painstakingly managed to instil in me. I could not recommend Jane or HCT more highly.

Peter RalphHome User

Personal service at its best, Jane and her team are the 'friendly face' of Home Computer Tuition. Offering down-to-earth, practical tutoring in most every aspect of computers, I would recommend HCT as the number one back-up service for all computer problems and learning. Jane's got a 'real life' approach to computers. She tailored my tutorials to exactly what I needed, ignoring all the stuff I just wasn't interested in/hadn't time for. I wanted easy-to-understand information, stuff I wouldn't forget. Jane was brilliant at providing me with that. I recommend HCT every time.

Jo ChumasPR Consultant

HCT is a very professional and reliable organisation. Jane has an excellent knowledge in the computer world. She is a reliable, honest and empowering teacher. Jane's support to the building of our Website and ongoing training and advice for the development of our skills and maximum benefit from our computer tools has been invaluable.

Annetine ForrellOwner/Manager, Ancient River Redgum

Before I started learning with HCT I knew nothing about computers. The idea of having someone come and work in your home on your own computer, not somewhere else on a computer that may have different packages or instructions is brilliant. I have paid thousands of dollars on various short courses in which I came out knowing about as much as I knew going into the course. HCT works at your own pace and deals with the things YOU personally want and need to know for your own computer usage. What I like the most about it was that they came to my premises, at my chosen time for a very affordable price and actually helped me to deal with unique problems that dealt directly with my own business. After about 20 or 30 lessons I find myself able to give technical computer advice to other people in my industry and that to me says it all. I like the continuing support I get from HCT in that, if I have a problem I can email them and receive a reply within a day. It has also proved invaluable the contining information regularly emailed to us such as advice on recent virus's etc.

Aviram GoldwasserOwner/Manager, AAA Gold 1900 Providers

When I bought my computer I didn't have a clue what to do with it, I knew how to type and that was about all, so I contacted HCT and I was assigned a tutor, his name was Jeff and he was an excellent teacher. He taught me everything I wanted to know and was very patient with me. I still occasionally need help, all it takes is a phone call and a tutor will be with me. I know the best thing I did was to call HCT. At least I can use my computer quite proficiently now thanks to HCT and Jeff.

Pamela CroftHome User

I am writing to commend you on the excellent Home Tuition service you provide. Jeff Neal has been tutoring me in stages for approximately 4 months and has brought me from practically stage zero to where I am now able to handle most of the work I require. The service provided has at all times been focussed on specifics, informative and courteous and I have no hesitation to recommend your training to friends and acquaintances.

Peter KavalekPeter Kavalek Nominees Pty Ltd

The best way I can sum up HCT's service is, reliable, fast, effective and easy to work with. Learning is a breeze with HCT and Jane. Thank you.

Svetlana TezayPayne Burt & Associates

I wish to place on record that Jane Saunders has been tutoring me in the use of my computer for over 5 years. During this period Jane has been able to remove my hatred of computers, taught me the fundamentals of computer language and the ability to use my computer constructively in the course of my work as a medical secretary/practice manager. Jane has always been accessible, and has always been willing to help me when needed. She has shown great patience with me during her course of training. I am very grateful to Jane, and she has succeeded where other tutors failed. I continue to see Jane, but on a less frequent basis now, as she has achieved a lot with me, and I am therefore more capable now of performing work on my computer with less assistance. Jane has also tutored my husband Lionel in the use of more complicated programmes, and he too, is grateful to Jane.

Shirley ChatzDr Chatz Psychiatry Rooms

Thank you for your support this year. We have really appreciated your prompt response to our technical queries as well as your assistance with our on-site training. We would definitely recommend your services to other businesses.

Meridith StevensOwner/Manager, MP Events

HCT provided me with invaluable assistance and information on the most effective use of my home computer. The friendly, helpful and non-intimidating staff were able to fix several problems I was experiencing with my system involving my printer, file management and virus control. I am also using a more cost effective ISP thanks to HCT. I would definitely recommend their services.

Sophie DonovanOwner/Manager, SOFIT Training

I am in my sixties and was determined not to let the computer technology pass me by. I had typing skills and basic word processing skills. Jane came to my home for 6 private lessons and was very skilled in her patience with me and also her ability to teach me and send me on my way to e-mail, internet and Microsoft Word.

Margot MurphyHome User

Just a short note to thank you for your continued help in computer matters. You have been a great inspiration for me to improve my skills on the computer, going back several years ago, starting me on the internet, organising personalized training with word processing and spreadsheet skills I needed, and keeping me up to speed with antivirus info etc, which has been invaluable. I look forward to teaming up with you soon to tackle my deficiencies in database software.!!

Chris HealyHome User

I have found Jane and HCT most efficient, cooperative and obliging. Jane, who has tutored me for over a year is an excellent tutor coping extremely well with the difficult task of implanting in me computer knowledge in a number of applications. I greatly appreciate her helpfulness and friendly manner as no problem was too big or difficult. Jane also has at her disposal an excellent back up service which is essential in her field of work. In addition she volunteers information on current problems, viruses etc. I strongly recommend the use of Jane and her organisation's services.

Nathan JacobsonHome User

I have recently had the pleasure of hiring Vicki Harriss from Home Computer Tuition to help me set up my MYOB bookeeping system and teach me how to use it. Vicki's teaching style was such that after a session I would be able to go back to the sections we had covered and easily remember everything we had been through that day. During this time Vicki was very easy to understand as she did not use computer 'jargon' as so many other computer trainers do, therefore making the process so much easier to grasp. I have found Vicki to be a pleasure to work with, with an exceptional teaching style that made me look forward to each and every lesson. At first I was hesitant to pay an hourly rate for an uncertain outcome but now I am happy that I had the one on one training instead of being part of a classroom situation where personal help is so rare. In four sessions I learnt all I needed to know in the comfort of my own home, rather than going to Tafe or College, saving me both time and inconvenience. It was beyond value for money - it was priceless. I have no hesitation in recommending Vicki to anyone that is looking for any type of computertraining. I would be more than happy to hear from you if you would like to discuss Vicki's training style and abilities in further detail.

Michelle HyslopDirector, Elite Crete
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